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Report From PIA – May 24

I have so much to do, and little time to do it all in. I’m so very blessed.

There are tomato plants waiting to go into the ground, mulch to be spread and weeds to pull. No rain is forecast in the coming week so I need to be sure those plants that are newly placed at Poison Ivy Acres are kept well hydrated. There are seeds to sow, and plans to make. I’m exceptionally blessed.

All that has to be done has such wonderful potential. I am planting flowers, interesting and colorful foliage and fresh, tasty food for the table. I’m completely blessed.

Yes, it’s all a great deal of work. But think of the things you value in your life…marriage or other close relationships, children, jobs… most of them take effort. To work for the creation of beauty is the most joyful work a person can do.

Gardeners are so incredibly blessed.

There are weeds that are growing in this garden... they give me the excuse to sit on the soil, eye-to-eye with my plants, listening to the birds. Those weeds are blessing.

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