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Report From PIA – May 25

When people come into the garden center, they are frequently looking mature, ready to bloom plants. Those tiny annual Salvia, or the young stalks of Baptisia aren’t very compelling to many shoppers.

The majority of those looking for vegetable plants don’t want to hear that some things are best grown from seed. Carrots and beets in six-packs? Nope. And you’re a fool if you buy a three-pack of bean seedlings. But these customers want their veggies green and growing, not as seeds in little packets.

I understand the appeal of instant gratification. But as a gardener, I’ve seen that we need to allow time for things to grow.

This is not too far from our life experiences, after all. Did you ever initially dislike a new acquaintance, or dismiss them, only to come to appreciate that person over time? And most of us have grown into our jobs, not stepped into a career fully accomplished.

May we have the willingness to nurture what is good, and allow time for growth.

If I post only the close up of a lupine flower, you might think that the garden is filled with flowers.

The second photo shows the truth, however. These plants are just getting started…they need more time to develop.

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