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Report From PIA – May 28

When I got home tonight, I told my mother-in-law that I was going outside to do some planting. “Oh, please don’t,” she said. “You must be tired…you worked with plants all day.”

She was right – I was at the garden center, and doing consultations, from 8 until 5 today. But I also knew that there are dozens of plants waiting in pots on the patio, in the shed and elsewhere. The sooner that they get into the ground, the faster they will start to fill out.

Planting a garden is a bit like writing a book: if you want the results you need to chip away at it, even if it’s a little at a time. Pushing yourself to accomplish part of a goal leads to reaching the target.

If there’s something you want to accomplish, pushing yourself to plant a little something every day, moves you toward your objective.

Not only did I get 22 plants in the ground and diatomaceous earth on the dahlias (earwigs), I also got to enjoy the backlighting of the garden as the sun set.

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