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Report From PIA – June 1

I put one of my favorite tall plants, Persicaria polymorpha, in the entry garden, and placed an equally high Iris siberica next to it. This arrangement comes close, but isn’t perfect. There needs to be a third plant, place to the right of the Persicaria, in order to bring this garden into balance.

There are so many things to consider when we place plants. The flowers and bloom time must work well together, and the color and texture of the foliage need to both compliment and contrast with each other. And then there is the size and height of the plants. Any one of the selections can’t predominate, and the weight of any single selection needs to be balanced with all the others.

We need to think about all of the above, keeping in mind that these plants grow and the entire composition is constantly changing.

All of which reminds me of our relationships with each other.

We want our family, friendships, and work life to flow. We work to compliment and contrast, and be together in a way that creates a wonderful, colorful whole that succeeds as a totality as it celebrates the individual components.

I’m focusing on this effort at the garden center right now. I am striving to cultivate a workplace that is balanced and beautiful, just as I do in my garden.

It's too bad that Joe Pye weed isn't tall and blooming now - it would make the perfect plant to place to the right of the Persicaria.

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