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Report From PIA – June 2

People come into the garden center wanting a shrub that blooms six months a year, and I think, “Why on earth would you want that?” As plants come into flower and then go out of bloom, I appreciate that their changeability keeps me awake.

Take this Weigela Rubidor, for example. The golden foliage is great, but when it comes into bloom with hot pink flowers, it’s a knockout. If this plant bloomed from April through August, I doubt that I would give it a second glance. Because it has a season, however, I’m cherishing it.

The month of June is rich with such experiences. One plant after another is suddenly in full growth and bloom. The trick is to keep our eyes open, to best absorb and appreciate it all.

Are there other “seasons” in our lives when we are challenged to be alert to all that is developing flowers?

The Weigela 'Rubidor' catches the rising and setting sun with golden foliage, and when it's filled with bright pink flowers? Perfection.

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