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Report From PIA – June 3

Writing this blog has given me the opportunity to begin see the common threads that run from the garden and through all other aspects of life. Everything is connected to everything else.

This evening I walked around the garden with my camera, and thought about the peonies. I’ve recently helped several people at the garden center who want materials to stake the heavy peony flowers. Although I occasionally support mine, in general I don’t have the time or inclination.

In my early days of gardening I never staked peonies, I remind myself. I never watered or fertilized them at this time, so perhaps that helped the stalks to be stronger. I look out on the lakeside perennial bed and see that in general these huge and beautiful flowers are held upright. Those flowers that do bend to the ground are cut and brought indoors.

Support was on my mind today because I spent a day providing it for others, and asking for it myself.

Sometimes we are able to stand up like strong peony stems, and other times we bend from trying to hold up too much weight. Hopefully we can use that bending to create beautiful bouquets.

A couple of the peony stems in this garden have bent to the ground, but for the most part they are standing upright and strong.

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