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Report From PIA – June 5

I hate to admit this, but Laura Schlessinger was in my head as I gardened today. I heard her radio program a few years ago and she was saying something about the best attitude being gratitude. As I weeded and planted, and tried not to be overwhelmed with all that needs to be done in the landscape and other areas of my life, I recalled this program.

Everything is connected, I’ve often said….but yikes! I’m connected to an archconservative who has opinions that I totally abhor? Truly, truly, God works in mysterious ways.

As I weeded and planted, and picked the first of the peas, it was easy to feel grateful even though there is so much to be done. I was surrounded by the abundance of the garden, and fortunately I could tune into that. As the memory of Laura Schlessinger’s program ran through my thoughts, I also appreciated how all of our connections bind even those plants, people and politics that on the surface, perhaps, we’d rather not be liked to.

Just as it’s important to realize that we’re connected to the weeds and insects in the garden, it’s significant that we realize the value of our links to those whose beliefs and politics differ from our own.

If we weren’t united in any way, life would be so much more chaotic and painful.

The garden is full of beauty and sustenance, as well as problems and pests. As I cultivate the former, I learn to live with the latter.  In my life it’s possible to hold those things I love and am grateful for, along with the difficulties, dislikes and challenges….or conservative radio personalities.

We cultivate life in all its fullness.

The peas have started to produce! I'm so very fortunate. "Thank you," I say as I pick dinner, "Thank you, thank you, thank you."

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