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Report From PIA – June 12

I often wonder who among us could be a household name if he or she had a good marketer. In a previous post I wrote about plants that were quiet treasures, and this was on my mind again today when I spoke about Hydrangeas at Highfield Hall in Falmouth.

One of my favorite hydrangeas is Penny Mac, a plant that blooms on both old and new wood, the same as Endless Summer. In my experience, Penny Mac out performs Endless Summer hands down. The only thing that Endless Summer has that Penny Mac doesn’t is a catchy name, blue pots and a massive advertising campaign.

Not that I begrudge Endless Summer its fame… but I wish that same renown for other Hydrangeas. It’s not that I mind one person’s renown, but I’d like the same to happen for you and me.

The ideal would be that all wonderful plants, products and people be given a marketer that calls attention to their stellar qualities. Given that it’s doubtful that this will happens, it’s most important that we, as individuals who aren’t professional marketers, draw those things we see as valuable into whatever spotlights we have access to.

In that spirit I say, check it out: Highfield Hall and Penny Mac Hydrangeas.

Here's the Endless Summer in my garden - I can count 8 or 9 flowers, and yes, eventually the new growth will have some buds and blossoms...

Penny Mac, on the other hand, is filled with flowers from the get-go. It may also develop new blossoms on the new growth, but even without this, Penny mac is a winner! All it needs is a good marketer...

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