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Report From PIA – June 14

I was determined to get some garden time in tonight, despite a long day of consultations. After spreading mulch five to six my body demanded some lighter work, so I headed to the lakeside perennial border to deadhead the peonies.

In addition to developing seedpods and scatterings of pink petals, I found the last buds and flowers of the season. The peony season is so short that this last bouquet is especially precious.

As the sun’s last rays illuminated the garden, I reminded myself to savor these endings. Beginnings are more exciting and uplifting, perhaps, but as things draw to a close, we have one last chance to say, “Yes, it is glorious…thank you.”

Normally I pick the last of the peonies around Simon's birthday on the 20th. This year things are ahead of normal, however, so tonight's bouquet will be the last of this fragrant flower.

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