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Report From PIA – June 15

Today I bought batteries and set up my Wireless Deer Fences. They need to charge overnight so that when I put them out, and the scent tubes draw the deer to them, they are ready to shock.

You see, the Wireless Deer Fence works because we know that deer have a flight response. When injured or frightened, their response is to run away. For years farmers have “baited” their electric fences with small dabs of peanut butter, making a small tent out of aluminum foil so that the rain won’t wash the peanut butter away. The deer are drawn to the scent, sniff the fence, and get zapped. From then on they stay away from the fence, particularly if they can smell peanut butter.

The creator of the Wireless Deer Fence made a scent tube that smells of synthetic peanut butter and acorns, two things that deer love. I used them last year in my yard, placing them wherever I saw a plant that the deer had eaten. In about a month I saw no more damage anywhere in my gardens.

(And btw, the FTC says I have to tell you that the company sent these to me for free. Companies do that occasionally, and if I like their products I’ll talk/write about them. I am not paid to do so, nor is there any commitment to do so, nor would I speak/blog about anything that didn’t work for me. I think that a paragraph like this kind of interrupts the flow here, but what can you do.)

People are similar to deer: we move toward pleasure and away from pain. This is useful to remember when we want to persuade other people, or even ourselves, to do something or make changes. It’s the old honey or vinegar wisdom all over again.

So I’m thinking tonight, where in my life can I spread more honey/pleasure and less vinegar/pain?

This is how my Rudbeckia triloba looked after the deer, aka "Those bastards!" got to it.

Here is how the Wireless Deer Fence looks.

The Rudbeckia after - the Wireless Deer Fence is still in place... see it under the blooming plant?

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