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Report From PIA – June 18

In the past week I’ve hustled home from work to spend some time in the garden before dinner. Part of that meal was eaten right in the veggie garden, however, as I picked sugar-snap peas and eat them raw.

This reminded me of a story in Jennifer Bartley’s book, Designing the New Kitchen Garden. She talks about going into the garden with her daughter, and picking lettuce as they walked and talked, eating their first course without dressing right on the spot. Jennifer went on to say that perhaps we should ask ourselves how we want to eat.

Some meals are best shared with family and friends, and others are nice when in the company of a good book. Some meals, or parts thereof, taste best when consumed outdoors in the vegetable garden.

If you are able to eat your first course standing inches away from the plant that grew your food, appreciate it fully.


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