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Report From PIA – June 19

So tonight I am celebrating my friend Alan’s birthday party, and was asked if I could record the song that his sons had written. I have a video function on my small pocket Canon so I said yes. When the toasts and tributes started, I decided to record those too. All went well until just before the song (the most important part) the card was full.

Decision time. The sons’ song is more important, I quickly decide, and dump all the other files.  As the guys get up to sing, I press record, and the camera dies. “No Battery” the message says.  So I have ended up with nothing recorded from this party.

This reminds me of times when I try and photograph a beautiful and fleeting flower and the pictures in no way resemble the real thing. By the time I realize I haven’t got it, the moment has passed and we can’t go back.

Some things can’t be kept.

Poppies are so short lived, but their splendor is difficult to catch.

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