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Report From PIA – June 22

It’s really too bad that we can’t just float over our gardens or lives once in awhile and take in the view from above. I get a taste of this from the second floor balcony, where I can appreciate that the landscape looks completely different from this perspective.

If we could hover over our lives and see the long view, past, present and future, the distance and perception we’d get would be invaluable. When we’re in the thick of things we get caught up in the minutiae and current emotion that it’s hard to have any sort of broad outlook.

When my mind takes me down well-worn paths of dissatisfactions, past grievances or old arguments, I remind myself to take a breath already and pull myself upward. Seen from above, these minor complaints look small and petty…in the noise level, as the saying goes.

From above, I don’t see the small weeds, leaf spots and other imperfections in the garden. I can view with satisfaction the characters of each plant, colors of flowers and the overall arrangement of textures and forms. From above, I am filled with love for the harmony of it all.

Is this how God views us and our lives? I think that Julie Gold’s song, From A Distance, is about just this. Viewed from a higher perspective, we can see the landscape of life as precious and beautiful.

Climb a tree, get up on the roof, take a deep breath and pull back from how our minds chatter: find the view from above.

From the second floor, the small imperfections of the garden disappear, and I'm able to marvel at the flow of the space and vitality of the plants.

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