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Report From PIA – June 23

The steps leading down to the lake are filled with self-seeded Alyssum and Verbascum chaixii. Last year it was the grandparents of the current Verbascum along with Violas. This is one of those situations where the plants grow in cracks and crevices and you have no idea how they are managing with little soil or water, not to mention a gardener’s tender-loving-care.

These plants have, however, this gardener’s appreciation in spades. It is wonderful to walk through flowers, especially when those blossoms are there against all odds.

In life we’re walking through flowers all the time, I’m thinking. Those occasions when someone we initially disliked becomes a dear friend, or instances when a job possibility springs up unexpectedly. We’ve all had times when against all odds things just work out, and suddenly our path is, at least temporarily, lined with unexpected flowers.

Similar to the Alyssum in my path, the things that bloom along life’s well-traveled roads might be prolific but a bit too lean and lanky. No matter: flowers are flowers.

When something beautiful self- seeds and grows in improbable places, it’s good if we have our eyes open and are ready to rejoice in these flower-filled surroundings.

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