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Report From PIA – June 25

My blogging friend John, over at John and Liza’s Garden, has recently had an episode with his heart. He says he needs to “slow down” and let the younger generation do the heavy work.

That’s fine, but I encouraged him to get out in the garden and savor what is there, and what he can do. We don’t have to push so much, perhaps, but doing what we’re able to accomplish, and doing that with complete focus and appreciation, is very satisfying and healing.

When we can focus on truly being present in the landscape, we realize that the garden, just as it is this moment, is very life affirming.  Although as I get ready for the tour next week, and am scrambling to get things done, I do have to remind myself again and again to slow down and drink it all in already!

We can use anything as a wake up call to pay attention, and everything as an occasion to feel grateful for life.

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