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Report From PIA – June 26

As I’ve mentioned, Poison Ivy Acres will be on a fundraising garden tour this coming Wednesday. I’ve been through the I’ve-got-months-until-the-tour period, followed by manic must-get-everything-planted stage, the why-the-hell-did-I-say-I’d-do-this phase which leads into a final snap-out-of-it-already-no-one-will-notice-those-tiny-weeds-but-me acknowledgment.

The final phase of this Kubler-Ross model for Garden Tour Hosts is acceptance: The-garden-looks-really-nice-and-all-I-have-to-do-is-mow-the-grass stage.

After spending much of the day away from my garden, and working to grow a mini-golf fundraiser, I’m appreciating that entire process from a new angle: I’m feeling a great deal of gratitude for people who say “Yes.”

Organizers, artists, landscapers, local businesses, electricians, builders, putting-green experts, and down-and-dirty volunteers have come forward and put hours of time and talent into this event. I’m overwhelmed with appreciation, and it stifles all leftover whining about the work it takes to make my gardens spiffy.

Compared to putting together a 9-hole mini-golf course that will be staffed by volunteers for 7 weeks, hosting a one-day garden tour is nothing.

Hole 5 is being done by a team of professionals from The Boston Society of Architects.

Candace Crawford paints the background for her hole that's titled, "The Spirit of the Land Within Us."

The crew from Tim Acton Landscaping spent the day spreading mulch, gravel and plants. More pictures to come!

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