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Report From PIA – July 19

Anyone who has ever listened to GardenLine, heard me speak, or hired me to do a garden consultation knows that I can be pretty darn opinionated. OK, very opinionated.

Yet I openly admit that in and out of the garden there isn’t just one way. As I’ve mentioned before, part of being human on this planet is living with paradox. As gardeners we can be sure we’re right, and yet know that there are, indeed, other ways to be successful.

It was with delight, then, when I went to Seth Godin’s blog the other day and saw that the title was The Only Possible Response. The entry under this title says it all.

We should all have this bookmarked, or subscribe to some software service that sends this link if it detects a tone of “this is the right way, the only possible response” in our writing. Hell, maybe we could get some sort of alarm that sounds if our thinking strays in that direction.

The world would be a different place…

The only possible response to an overgrown juniper is to hack it back or to take it out. Really? Not according to this gardener, who arborized it. Instead of pruning back those wonderful, feathery juniper branches, the plant was pruned from the ground up and allowed to take on an entirely new personality.

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