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Report From PIA – July 24

I don’t have the ability to be sure that everyone has a beautiful, thriving garden that is mostly free from weeds. I can, however, do my best to make sure that Poison Ivy Acres is as lovely and weed free as possible. I don’t have the power to prevent landscapers, amateur or professional, from using toxic products on their lawns and gardens. I can decide that these won’t be used on my landscape.

I had an email conversation with someone today about an organization we both belong to, and she was frustrated because this group was so “middle of the road” when it came to the issues she strongly believes in. Although I’m sympathetic, I also realize that in groups of more than two people, change often happens slowly and compromise is usually a key part of all processes. Welcome to the world.

And yet, on a local level we do have great personal power.  You can decide to make your gardening purchases at a locally owned garden center, for example. If you believe in least-toxic or organic responses to all problems, you can search out the products that fit in with that philosophy and use them wisely.

You can support local efforts that will make a difference to real people in your community.  You have a great deal of power in that regard.

I have been part of an effort to raise money for the Barnstable Education Foundation, a non-profit that supports public school programs that are not funded by tax dollars. Community members and local artists came together to build a mini-golf course around the theme of Cape Cod Traditions. It is open from 11 AM to 8:30 PM daily on Hyannis Main Street across from Ben and Jerry’s.

You have the power to help with this effort, if you’re willing. Come play mini-golf and bring your grandchildren, kids or neighbor’s kids. Donate on the website. Support the efforts that so many willing volunteers have put into this event.

Whether you’re able to help with this fundraiser or not, be powerful where you are able.

Volunteers took a weed-filled empty lot on Main Street and turned it into a 9 Hole Mini-Golf course. It's across from Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream in Hyannis. Have lunch at the Petite French Cafe next door, play golf, and then go across the street for ice cream!

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