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Report From PIA – July 30

Yesterday Karla, who blogs at Gardendaze, commented that my vegetable garden looks great. While I appreciate the compliment, let’s be honest: be they close-ups or longshots, photographs don’t show everything. You can’t see the weeds or the fact that foliage and flowers are insect damaged.

In pictures the leaf spot fungi may not show, and the photo can be cropped to leave out those lower leaves that are coated with mildew. You won’t notice the young poison ivy plants that are lurking among the perennials, or browned edges from going too long without irrigation.

The view from afar is always incomplete.


When we look at other peoples’ lives, they look better from the distance as well. As you read this blog you might assume that I’m always positive and introspective, for example. The fact that I struggle with impatience, jealousy, insecurities, fatigue or fear, and often feel that I’m just bumbling along the best I can, may not be obvious.

Next time you think that someone else “has it all together” think again. Snapshots only show a very limited perspective, and reality is always richer and more complex.

My garden is filled with butterflies... and slugs, earwigs, Asiatic garden beetles.

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