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Report From PIA – August 1

The August garden is so abundant. Despite a few insect problems (squash vine borers) and weather concerns (drought), the vegetables and flowers are numerous. Butterflies flit around, bees work the perennial beds and hummingbirds duel with their long beaks as they defend their territories.

There is such a wealth of life all around that it’s difficult to take it all in.

I’m struck with the knowledge that I don’t spend enough time just observing the gardens, absorbing it all and appreciating this profusion of flowers, produce and wildlife. There are still weeds to pull, pots to water, articles to write, talks to plan…the to-do list goes on and on.

Just as the garden is most abundant, I also notice that there are signs of the season’s passing. It’s growing darker earlier in the evening, and once in awhile the air has a coolness that whispers, “Autumn is coming…”

This is our challenge throughout life: to fully see and appreciate the abundance that is with around us right now, and at the same time embrace the knowledge that all is changing.

I’m reminding myself not to rush through my days, ever, and to savor, savor, savor this summer season.

Annual Alley is in full bloom. From the dahlias to the six-pack annuals, the summer color is so beautiful.

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