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Report From PIA – August 2

I spent some time watching this section of the fragrance garden today, and it was teaming with life. There were six types of birds among the plants, two types of butterflies and several bees, dragonflies and one rabbit. These were just the insects, birds and animals I could easily see.

One little bird was under the black-eyed Susans and kept hopping up and down, pecking at this plant. It was clearly eating, although I couldn’t tell if it was feasting on seeds or bugs. I marveled at the persistence of this bird, and realized that each hop generated a tiny bite. Although this wasn’t an easily won meal, all that nibbling eventually mounted up to sustenance.

We humans sometimes forget that making continual leaps for small rewards can add up to a goal accomplished. It might seem that the energy needed to attain that small prize isn’t worth the power we’re expending. Yet persistence can pay off and all of those little bites can add up to a meal.

I wish I'd gotten a video of that bird, hopping up to these Rudbeckia triloba again and again. Someday people will not just have cameras in their phones, but in the frames of their eyeglasses, wedding rings, and belt buckles. Not, of course, that I'll be able to keep all of those tiny batteries charged.

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