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Report From PIA – August 5

Now that it is August, and most annuals are fully developed and in flower, we occasionally see planters like the one pictured below. These towers of flowers are made in various ways by those who clearly think that more is more. I think that sometimes more can be ugly…it’s all in how the ingredients are arranged.

To me, these planters look like a blob of color. There is no grace or style here. The shape is clunky, there is no contrasting colors or textures, and even the individual flowers get lost among all of the blossoms.

Elsewhere in life more may not be better. If you’re constantly giving out compliments this praise might mean less, perhaps, than sincere remarks delivered less often. And a pile of the most appealing objects is less attractive than a very few of the same items attractively arranged.

More can be too much.

The flowers are pretty, but the overall shape is clunky and the proportions are wrong, creating an ugly blob of color.

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