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Report From PIA – August 6

One thing I love about gardening is that it constantly prompts us to try something new. This year I planted a yarrow in a pot that I was admittedly skeptical about. Gypsy White yarrow (Achillea ptarmica) is in the Proven Winners lineup and when I read that you don’t have to deadhead this plant, and that it bloomed all summer, I immediately thought, “Oh yeah?”

The plant has responded by saying, “Yeah…you’re surprised?” As a matter of fact, I am. And delighted, and convinced. It’s still going strong in August, with no deadheading, and I’ve even let it get a bit too dry once in awhile…although not, of course, on purpose.

This plant is far better for small white flowers than the better-known Sutera (Bacopa)… I am so glad I bought one to try.

We learn a great deal from experimentation…perhaps we need to remember to take a chance more often.

This yarrow has been a flower machine all summer, even though I let it get too dry once in awhile. Sorry, yarrow... I'll try and do better for the rest of August.

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