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Report From PIA – August 8

I’m reminding myself that fullness means “with nothing missing” or “completely so”. The garden is bursting with color, growth, fruit and wildlife, yet all I can think about is how hot it is.

Bees, dragonflies and wasps whiz around my front garden, and annuals and perennials are, for the most part, flower-filled…bah-humbug. I’m tired of unrelenting sun and heat.

I feel ungrateful and petty complaining…the vegetable garden is yielding baskets of squash, beans, chard, broccoli and tomatoes every day. The freezer is filling, and there are so many flowers in the cutting garden I can’t pick them all. To complain about too much sun is ridiculous in the face of such blessings.

Yet I’m tired of the heat, sick of the flourishing crabgrass and having a hard time embracing the whole when it means accepting being physically sore and a bit stuck. It even seems like a great effort to tie this all together into a blog post that is even a tiny bit meaningful or insightful.

Forgive me. Life is completely so. I just need to take a cold shower and get over my funk.

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