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Report From PIA – August 15

It’s officially the middle of August and we can’t in any way think that there is much summer left. Time to fess up and admit that it’s unlikely those stray six-packs and odd small pots are going to get planted. I’ve had good intentions until now, but need to admit that some things just aren’t going to happen.

I will get the Verbascum I started into the ground very soon, hopefully, and there are a few shrubs and perennials on that must-plant list as well. Unplanted annuals, and a few mystery pots that are so weed-infested the original plants are surely gone, must go into the compost this week, with my apologies.

The calendar and the seasons force us to admit that some plants won’t be used, but it’s more difficult when it comes to things we want to cultivate elsewhere in life. How do we know when to continue trying to grow something, and when to move on to other pursuits?

Sometimes persistence pays off, but in other instances we may be clutching onto things that just aren’t going to grow.

In thinking about how to tell the difference, I’m deciding that enthusiasm and passion may be the determining factor, in and out of the garden. I love that Verbascum, so I’m not going to give up on it even if it means planting late in the fall.

Similarly, if I’m still excited about a project or goal, and love pursuing it even if the result is uncertain, then that’s validation to continue trying, against all odds. If the journey is as satisfying as the destination, then there’s no need to change routes. Or roots.

At the very bottom of this photo, to the left of the door, you can just see the tops of some plants that are still waiting to be put into the ground. Out of the picture, on the right, are more. It's time, I think, to admit that it's just not happening for these plants, but others will absolutely be used.

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