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Report From PIA – August 18

Daily blogging and gardening are not foolproof weight-loss plans. You’ve no doubt seen those banner ads stating, “Massachusetts mom combines two common things and looses 50 pounds!” or some such claim. Trust me, those ordinary activities are not writing a blog or planting and weeding, more’s the pity.

Here’s how I know: last August I decided that beginning in September I would post on this blog every day for one year. The discipline of writing daily would be a good way to explore connections and a commitment to growth, I thought, and I have found this to be true.

I’ve looked at the ways that planting, harvesting, garden design and maintenance all relate to what we cultivate in the rest of our lives. Good plants, gardening mistakes and the wonders of the natural world, not to mention a few rants and recipes have all appeared on these pages over the last twelve months.

Most unexpected were the connections I’ve made with you, my readers and fellow growers of gardens and life. I’ve heard from many of you that you read this blog as a way to start or end your day, and I am grateful beyond measure that we’re linked through gardening, the Internet, and our humanity.

As I close in on the one-year anniversary, I’ll be posting some of the things I’ve learned from blogging daily and I thought we should get some of the obvious topics out of the way right now: there has been no miracle weight loss, winning of the lottery or being united with long lost siblings. Fame and fortune still elude me, although I’m always open to both, of course. What I have found is just as precious, however, starting with my connections to you. More tomorrow.

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