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Report From Poison Ivy Acres – August 20

Here are five more things I’ve learned from blogging every day, starting from my garden and looking into the rest of life:

  1. Some days you do a better job than others. Just as the garden might better tended one year and not the other, or we might do a better job on one project but not go all out somewhere else, so it is with blogging and life. This is not to either excuse a less-than-stellar performance, or to be overly critical about it, but just to say that this is a fact of life for most of us.
  1. Despite all of our preparations, our plans and projects usually take on a life of their own. I might have had a particular vision for this blog or that garden, but not all goes according to plan. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. God, nature, serendipity and other forces play a huge role and in the process we learn that we’re not in control.
  1. It’s always possible to go deeper. Just as plants can be grouped based on appearance, growing conditions, and DNA, everything that we do in life can be seen on many levels. There is what’s happening on the surface, there is how that resonates with the past or what it means for the future. We can look for messages and metaphors, and we always ask, “How is this useful to me?”
  1. It’s all about growth. Plants, people, gardens, relationships, responsibilities, and our entire human experience.
  1. Everything is connected to everything else. Yes, I know that I went into this year of blogging daily believing this, but over the last 12 months this has been confirmed again and again.

As I put this into my new post on WordPress, I see that the formatting has been changed so that every point is listed as #1. I love this! They are all first and foremost. And more to come.

This is probably the least "planned" area of the property. The edge of this area is part-shade, and the back is pretty much full shade, and I'm just making it up as I go along. Truth be told, most of Poison Ivy Acres, and my life, is being made up as I go along. But in some areas I like to kid myself that I have a real plan.

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