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Report From PIA – August 25

There are as many different styles of gardens are there are gardeners, and thankfully, there is no one right way. Some want a landscape that they can keep “under control” (which usually means not too large) while others want plantings they can pretty much ignore.

Many desire plants that are likely to return year after year…dependability is important to these folks. Those that become fascinated with gardening often enjoy taking risks, and trying fussy or marginally hardy plants. As an out-of-control plant person, it’s no surprise that I fall into the last camp.

One of the nicest qualities humans have is their desire to learn, and see what they can grow.

Here is one of my "Could I grow..." plants. This is the Chicago Hardy Fig, and this year it has figs on it! I bought this five years ago from Logees; it stayed in a pot for two years, and when we moved to Poison Ivy Acres I planted it on this south-facing part of the front garden. I have given it NO protection the past two winters. Since we had a mild winter last year, several stems made it through and these have figs on them that are about the size of a grape right now. I'm anxious to see if these ripen, and I'm also looking forward to seeing what the plant will do with some protection through the cold season. Nothing ventured...

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