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Report From PIA – August 28

Most of us don’t design our gardens around the rising or setting sun. These beams of light might illuminate our plants in beautiful and interesting ways, but their positions change from week to week and season to season. In years gone by more attention was paid to where sunlight and moonbeams fell, and this was used as a way to mark sacred celebrations and the passing of time.

It might be interesting to design a garden around where a shaft of light falls each month. A plant with variegated foliage might be placed here, where the setting sun falls at the end of July, and another plant with golden foliage would be planted where the day’s end light hits in August.

There are more ideas to explore than any of us have time for, and so many ways to plant our gardens that we should never be jaded or bored.

If we ever find that our life’s landscapes are looking like “the same old same old,” perhaps that’s the time to begin planting, and marking time, in a completely new way.

Tonight this Persicaria 'Golden Arrow' was lit so beautifully by the setting sun.

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