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Report From An Opinionated Gardener – September 1

My friend Wendy used to joke that we should all “move one husband to the left.” I remember this today as I decide if I want to continue with a daily Report From Poison Ivy Acres, or if I want a change of view. It may not be possible to totally alter who and where we are, but a transformation of perspective is absolutely doable.

So if I wanted a change of focus to look at these posts with a slightly different lens what would I do? I’m thinking that a step to the left (you know I’m not one who would ever dream of moving right, right?) will be just enough variation to keep Whole Life Gardening fresh.

Yes, I’m still starting in the garden, and since everything is still connected to everything else, I intend to address all of our landscapes. I’ll just do it from a slightly different point of view.

It’s good to shake things up now and then…not, perhaps, by moving one spouse to the left, but enough so that we’re constantly learning and willing to change.

Confirmed gardeners are famous for finding ways to grow things that aren't hardy where they live. We plant figs in pots and haul them into the garage for the winter, and see where we can push the limits with tender plants put in warm spots on our properties. We're willing to move slightly to the left and think, "There might be a way to grow that..." This serves us well in other areas of life. When we fail, we're usually philosophical about it, but when we're successful, the harvest is delicious.

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