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Report From An Opinionated Gardener – September 9

I’m dashing off to Rochester, NY tomorrow in order to speak at the annual Gathering of Gardeners on Saturday. I’m looking forward to being with this group, and hopefully seeing some area gardens. It’s always stimulating to travel to new places and meet new people.

Getting to know new plants is equally inspiring, and one that was a first-timer in my garden this summer was Mecardonia Gold Dust. It’s low growing and spreading, with bright green foliage and tiny yellow flowers. I planted mine in full sun and it did well even in this hot, dry summer. I’m loving this as a fill-in plant among taller annuals and perennials, and next year I plan to try some in different amounts of sun to see what it will do.

Trying new plants is just one of the blessings of gardening, but it’s one that I’m very grateful for.

This photo doesn't really do the plant justice - I'll have to take some better shots with the plant in context when I'm back at Poison Ivy Acres.

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