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Report From an Opinionated Gardener – September 16

Yes, I’m talking about being forced out of our usual preferences, prejudices and habits. If not kicking and screaming, then with reluctance. When we’re forced.

Do you think I’m being too harsh? You’re more flexible, perhaps, in your life and garden then I’m giving you credit for. Maybe. But most of us are pretty set in our ways and opinions.

For example: I’m not really drawn to red-flowering plants. If a mix of zinnias includes red blossoms I’m happy to have them in with the pink, orange and lavender shades, and this year I did choose to include red salvia in with the other bright colors in Annual Alley. But generally I’m not prone to planting red in my gardens.

I’ve never been tempted by a coleus that was totally red. Usually I’m drawn to lime or dark purple foliage, or those leaves that combine green and pink. So when the Simply Beautiful folks sent me some Redhead Coleus this year, I wasn’t too excited. Needing some foliage contrast in the fragrance garden, however, I planted these annuals and yes, I’ve been dragged away from my narrow-mindedness into absolute admiration for these plants.

Redhead Coleus is the star of this garden. I planted five small plants with some time-release fertilizer in June and other than watering I haven’t touched this plant since. No deadheading, no fertilizing and no pinching. It’s pretty much in full sun and it’s glorious.

I’m thrilled…and grateful to be dragged out of my rut.

This Coleus is easy and spectacular. It's perfect for places that get early morning or late afternoon sun, and for any garden that needs added pizazz.

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