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Report From An Opinionated Gardener – October 13

Did you ever have a phrase or a word just pop into your mind without understanding why? I believe such expressions are a gift, from God/the universe/the collective unconsciousness/spirit, whatever you want to call that creative force that is constantly feeding us inspiration. We can pay attention to these muses or ignore them; it’s our choice. Unfortunately, my frequent response is to think, “Oh, I have to remember that,” and after failing write it down, the revelation is gone hours later.

Today, I listened and immediately made myself a note because as I drove home from the garden center, the phrase “gardening by heart” popped into my mind. These three words combine subjects that I’m most certainly interested in. Here, I told myself, is something to explore.

When we say someone knows something “by heart”, it means that something is known very well and always remembered in the deepest part of ourselves. Our hearts are associated with love as well, and indeed when we know things by heart it can be because we’re motivated to learn them out of attraction and interest.

Gardening involves nurturing. To garden is to tend the earth, and grow those things that nurture and sustain us. We garden to cultivate food and beauty.

Gardening by heart means working to grow what we love and want to always remember. Let me carry this with me to work, into my marriage, spiritual life, friendships and beyond.

I know foliage color well, and it speaks to my deepest being.

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