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Report From An Opinionated Gardener – October 15

Today I cut some stems of seeds from my Jewels of Opar, (Talinum paniculatum) which I brought indoors and put in a paper envelope. Every year I save some of the seedpods so that I can use them to start new plants next year. Occasionally this annual self-seeds in my gardens, but in order to be sure that I always have it, and more to the point, have it where I want it, I need to save some seeds.

It feels good to put some of this year’s garden away for the future. It’s a connection from fall to spring, from one year to the next, and to the stewardship of all gardeners who’ve saved seeds over the generations. Saving seeds resonates with the part of us that trusts in the ability of a small object to grow into something large.

In our lives too, taking a few quick, simple actions can germinate into something significant in the future. What “seeds” can you save this week?

With the lime-green foliage, red stems and seeds, and a name like Jewels of Opar, how can you go wrong?

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