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Report From An Opinionated Gardener – October 22

Way beyond. Which is contrary to what an aging population of baby boomers, or the Gen X and Y parents of small children might want. But as garden writers, speakers, radio hosts, Master Gardeners and just plain dig-in-the-dirt people, we need to start being completely honest.

Because it really does people a disservice to try and pull them into their yards and gardens using an easy button/fast food mentality. It’s so 1990’s, not to mention dishonest, and it both underestimates and short-changes future gardeners.

Would you want to encourage people to enter into marriage or having children by stressing that these relationships are low-maintenance or weekend projects? Our associations with nature and our surroundings are as complex and satisfying as those with loved ones.

Emphasis here, as you regular readers know, on the satisfying.

It’s time we devoted gardeners, not to mention garden communicators, let everyone else in on what we know to be true: Whether we’re growing a few plants on a deck or patio, a home landscape or extensive vegetable or flower gardens, the bond between our plants and us is rich, complicated and rewarding, and such relationships take work.

It's the harvest season, so perhaps that has me reflecting more on sowing and reaping...

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