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Report From An Opinionated Gardener – October 29

There are some days when nothing special happens, but if we stop to appreciate each piece of the patchwork, a beautiful quilt is revealed. From the way the light streams through the woodland behind the stack of pumpkins early in the morning,

to the one small, pathetic Italian broccoli head, the sum total of this year’s crop, that I laugh about with fellow gardeners Oz and Audrey.

I’m so pleased that Terry G. could stop by and help with my website this morning, and appreciative of the flower that is still on the Franklinia tree. There are native high bush blueberries by the lake that have just turned a glorious red,

and I can take a lesson from The Dog who finds such utter, total joy in playing with a simple stick.

All in all, a perfect day,

and I’m so very grateful.

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