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Report From An Opinionated Gardener – November 12

Walking out my kitchen door in the early morning, I look at the pink sky and the grape arbor, and remember a friend who said, “Every garden tells a story.” What does this new garden say, I wonder?

It speaks of early stages, certainly. Those grape vines are small, but we clearly hope to be sitting under a shady cover of grape leaves in a few years. Maybe there will even be fruit. The two chairs speak of a couple who like to sit and enjoy the fragrance garden, but the space behind them hints that a long table is what will ultimately furnish this arbor.

The house mounted on a tree, and a feeder hanging on the arbor, indicate that these gardeners like birds. The hodgepodge patio declares that recycling found materials is of interest here.

Overall, this garden on this morning speaks to me of beginnings, and a willingness to start fresh, and watch things grow.

What stories do your gardens tell?

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