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Report From An Opinionated Gardener – November 13

We don’t have a resident population of bluebirds at Poison Ivy Acres, but they do pass through with some regularity. Groups that are on their way south in the early winter, or on their way north in the spring, spend time in the field around our blueberry bushes, or at our birdfeeder. We rejoice when they’re here.

An old friend and his wife were visiting over the past three days and today we watched the bluebirds flit around the field. I haven’t seen Brian for a few years, but quickly reestablished that connection once he arrived, and was delighted to get to know his wife, Kyoko.

Perhaps you’ve gotten together with a friend after a long period of time, and experienced that quick connection that melts the years away. It’s gratifying to know that what ties us together is something greater than day to day living. Those that are close to our hearts are just that: connected to the deepest part of ourselves.

People have a way of coming and going in our lives, and like the bluebirds, we rejoice when they’re with us.

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