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Report From An Opinionated Gardener – November 14

I went to an open studio event at my friend Harriett’s tonight, and the following conversation took place:

Harriett: “How was your weekend?”

Me: “I don’t know….I didn’t get anything done today. Basically, other than walking the dog and talking to my kids, I wasted the entire day.”

Harriett: “Well, that’s good! You don’t normally do that.”

Maybe, maybe not.

Normally I think of my self as a very forgiving person who understands completely that things ebb and flow. There are times when the garden is in full bloom but other seasons when it’s barren. As I wrote in yesterday’s post, friends and bluebirds come into our lives, and we can extend this metaphor to include productivity and creativity as well.

Knowing that to be true, however, is no reason to use it as an excuse for laziness and distraction. And no, I’m not being too hard on myself.

Honestly, I know in my heart that if I want the next gardening book (Green Thumbs Up/Green Thumbs Down) or the novel (Suttons Harbor) to be published, I have to finish the damn things. Right?

I strive to cultivate a garden of No Excuses.

I've blogged about Daphne 'Summer Ice' in the past - what a fantastic shrub! This is a "no excuse" plant for sure. It has developed a round, compact shape all on its own, it blooms from June through November (this photo taken today!) and is fragrant and variegated! This Daphne goes all out, and I want to do the same.

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