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Report From An Opinionated Gardener – December 3

In preparation for tomorrow’s GardenLine interview, I was reading Duane Campbell’s book The Best of Green Space: 30 Years of Composted Columns. Although Duane may, tongue-in-cheek, view these as composted, I’d change this wording to Classic Columns.

There are some books that even as you’re reading them for the first time, you want to be sharing the experience with others. That was my immediate reaction to this book. Anyone who’s done some gardening will be smiling with pleasure and nodding in recognition when reading these columns. My guess is that anyone who hasn’t done much gardening will at least be entertained, and at best be left thinking, “This sounds like something I could do.”

This book is the type of read that I wanted to share and discuss with other gardeners. Or other readers, as I would with members of a book group.

Hmmm… a gardener’s book group. Great idea! I’ve been a member of several wonderful book groups in my life, although for the past six or more years I’ve felt more like the card from Mina Lee Studio: I either didn’t read the book or didn’t show up.

But what about forming a book club that you don’t have to attend once a month meetings? I propose a book club that reads books that are connected to the garden, with two virtual meetings. For those who are able to get GardenLine on WXTK, we’ll discuss the book for part of the program, and for others, we’ll talk about it here at Whole Life Gardening.

First meeting will be around January 3rd, 2011 and the following Saturday on GardenLine. We’ll be talking about Duane’s book, link above, and at that time I’ll give out the name of the next Grateful Gardeners Book Club selection.

Members can read the book and show up or not. My thinking is that either way, we’re always thankful that there are good reads and gardens to be savored when we so choose.

I love the cards from Mina Lee Studio, but this one resonates with my recent book group attendance...

The first selection for the Grateful Gardeners Book Club. We'll discuss here on January 3rd, so spread the word.

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