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Report From An Opinionated Gardener – December 7

I promised you an update on how the Squirrel Wars were going. So far, it’s The Squirrels: 6, My Husband: 0… or maybe we should award him a point or two for persistence and effort.

So far the BirdCam and PlantCam have caught Those Bastards! on the feeder, but not in the act of climbing over the barriers on the BirdCam post and jumping to their goal. Notice the recent additions to the BirdCam post: is that a lid from a cooler I see? And I’m not sure if the thin rod at the top is part of the clamp or an antennae of some sort. It’s possible that there are data loggers in the mix, or seismometers that measure takeoff and landing. Like I said in the past, it seems that white-trash techies have taken over this part of the garden.

Despite the squirrels, however, the birds continue to be fed and the BirdCam to record their comings and goings. Which brings me to my take-away message for today: Although we may not feel totally successful in our efforts, we might actually be triumphant and achieving our goal.

The latest additions to the BirdCam post barrier. Not yet effective, but you have to admire my husband's persistence.

I have to change the settings on the BirdCam to make larger files - very easy to do, but we just haven't done it. Nevertheless, you can see what great shots this motion-activated camera gets.

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