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Report From An Opinionated Gardener – December 12

Here we are, firmly in winter and on the slippery slope to 2011, and we are still eating out of the garden. While discussing the evening’s dinner menu, my husband and I saw some leftover curried rise and uncooked tofu in the fridge and agreed that a stir-fry was in order. “What vegetables do we have?” I asked, thinking that he’d look in the refrigerator. “I’ll look,” he responded, and went out the door.

Three or four minutes later he was back from the garden with some broccoli and a basket of purple pak choi.

Last week the temperatures were in the twenties, both highs and lows, and although the broccoli was a bit frost-tinged, both veggies are perfectly edible. Not to mention treasured.

Gardens remind us that life is filled with little miracles.

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