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Report From An Opinionated Gardener – December 13

Despite my post yesterday where I was exulting about still being able to pick veggies from the garden, winter is really, truly here. Tomorrow night is predicted to be only 17 degrees in my region. It’s time for gardeners to adjust and make do.

So I took my gardening into the garage.  A makeshift potting table was constructed, and the Amaryllis bulbs from White Flower Farm were potted up. While I was at it I planted some epiphyllum cuttings that have been patiently (desperately?) waiting for a home.

An aside: I was thrilled with the Amaryllis, which were sent to me as a thank you gift, because they were very mature bulbs. Each one has at least one side bulblet that is coming along. I love it when this plant multiplies so that you get several bulbs and many flower stalks in one pot.

Gardeners aren’t the only people who have to adapt and find ways to cope, if not thrive, in difficult situations. We humans are constantly called to “garden in the garage” and manage the best we can.

If you don’t find a post on this site for a few days, it’s because I’ll be in the hospital, recovering from a hip replacement operation. I’ll be back with you, planting as best I can as soon as I’m able. In the meantime, send healing thoughts my way as I “garden in the garage” and heal with new, improved body parts.

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