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Report From An Opinionated Gardener – December 23

When I first heard about Garden & Gun magazine, I thought it was a joke. What are the articles about, I wondered…deadheading daffodils from 300 feet? Slug control as target practice?

Turns out to be a legitimate lifestyle magazine that combines food, entertainment, gardening, and hunting, all with a focus on style.

I shouldn’t have been surprised; gardening fits in with a variety of interests. Just take a look at some of the gardening folks on twitter. @GardenersGardens  is a garden designer who also writes articles about custom motorcycles.

@BestGardens is a gardener at home and a Veterinarian at work, while @GardenLifeCoach runs a portion of her coaching business from her garden. @Beadwitch is obsessed with hostas, but is also a rockhound and Airstreamer.

You’ll find artists, writers, doctors, scientists and just about everyone else in the garden, and this is a good thing.

Just as there are all types of people who fit gardening into their lives, there are many types of gardens.

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