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Report From An Opinionated Gardener – January 8

At the end of October I wrote somewhat of a rant about the practice of wrapping plants in burlap for the winter. At what price protection, was the question posed. Looking out at my bamboo cloches I see that there is another way to think about this topic.

I ordered these dome garden cloches some years ago and they have proved both useful and attractive. In fact, it was their appealing looks that drew me to getting them in the first place and I plan to order more soon. They’re not only useful for protecting young plants from sun, keeping animals or birds away, and holding hay around my hardy banana trees for the winter, but they just look like they belong in the garden.

In this case form definitely came before function for me.

The good news is that these open weave baskets are extremely useful and long lasting. But they continue to call to me because they delight my eye…sometimes that is function enough.

I'm hoping that my hardy bananas are snug inside their cloche and hay covering and that they'll be alive next spring.

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