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Report From An Opinionated Gardener – January 14

My recent post about the Cryptomeria on the side of my property prompted a comment from Forest Keeper. He remarked that he’s had customers that have thought their larch was dead because it turned yellow and dropped it’s needles. They swore that the plant didn’t do it last year.

Since Larch are deciduous conifers, and drop their needles every fall, we know that of course the trees in question did indeed turn yellow and drop foliage in previous seasons. Forest Keeper’s clients just hadn’t been paying attention, or the opportunity to take notice of the tree just hadn’t presented itself in the past.

As plant people it’s easy to feel a bit incredulous that someone could go for several seasons and not see that their tree is deciduous. I frequently catch myself wondering how some home-landscapers could pay so little attention to their plants and gardens.

But as human beings, it’s easy to understand how this happens. There is so much happening at all times, in our homes, yards, communities and the world, that none of us can make note of it all.

I think I’m safe in saying that we all overlook daily, seasonal or periodic occurrences just because they are outside of our expertise or routines.

My larch is only five feet tall at this point, but I still love how it looks in the fall. One of the nice things about this tree is that it turns yellow after most other trees have dropped their leaves.

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