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Report From An Opinionated Gardener – January 29

Today was Cabin Fever Day at The Garden Center. The promotional graphic for this event said, “Need to get out?” Yes, we’ve all been more housebound because of the snow and ice. I think, however, that it isn’t that we need to leave our homes so much as we crave green and growing plants.

One group of enthusiastic Cabin Fever sufferers were in the greenhouse creating terrariums and others attended seminars on raised beds, seed starting and growing edibles in containers. The turnout was fantastic and people were enthused about the coming gardening season.

Even as we struggle to make our peace with winter and other dormant seasons, we long for spring. Maybe it’s important to provide and take advantage of all the opportunities for growth and greenery (literal and metaphorical) that we can.

Get thee to a greenhouse!

A Photoshop-filtered shot of this morning's greenery seekers.

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