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Report From An Opinionated Gardener – February 4

I was just at the New England Grows trade show and I enjoyed talking to so many people who were passionate about growth. Whether they were cultivating plants, new products, or customers, people were excited about progress. It was great to be surrounded by such focused passion.

And speaking of focus, I found that the emphasis on growing edible plants is continuing to build, as is a concentration on plants that are reliable performers in an average landscape. From the people at Coast of Maine to growers such as Prides Corner Nursery and Van Berkum Nursery, the attention to thriving, healthy environments that nourish people was impressive.

As I was driving home it struck me that passions are almost always about growth, even when no plants are involved. An avid collector wants to expand the collection, be it bottle caps or cars. Adoring parents want their children to grow in all aspects, and those who are cultivating businesses, hobbies or talents are all focused on the development of the things that excite them.

We are all gardeners, and given that, we should focus on wise plantings.

It's easy to see when someone is passionate about a particular plant. The lovely gardens on Bill Cannon's property are filled with hundreds of varieties of holly.

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