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Report From An Opinionated Gardener – February 6

If there is one word that summed up the past week for me, it would be the title of this post. The past seven days were spent adjusting to changes in weather, speaking schedules, volunteer commitments and family needs. Snowstorms, mistakes in meeting-time listings, and a mother-in-law with escalating health problems? No worries…I’m a gardener. I’m used to things not going a planned.

The take home message here isn’t about my crazy-at-the-moment-life…it’s about how we all need to be able to adapt to everything that’s thrown at us. Day to day, hour to hour, it can all turn on a dime as anyone living well knows.

I happen to believe that being involved in gardens and gardening helps us all be well prepared for such challenges. As we tend our landscapes we see that not everything grows as planned. We learn to adapt to changes in weather, insect infestations, or the particular needs of each plant.

In some areas of the country spring is here, while in other regions it’s just around a longed for corner. Whether you’re planning to plant this week or four months from now, know this well: gardening is good training for the rest of your life.

Even the design of a garden is an exercise in adaptability...we need to plan for early blooming plants to be replaced by those that bloom late. We allow for areas where annuals can be used to fill in for dormant perennials, and when something doesn't do well, we focus on those that are in full, glorious flower instead.

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