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Report From An Opinionated Gardener – February 21

I’m in my third round of the editing of my novel, Suttons Harbor, and tonight I’m up to chapter 39 which is titled Loving Peace. As I sit down to think about today’s blog post it strikes me how appropriate this chapter title is for the garden.

Loving Peace. This speaks to a mindset for focusing on what we ultimately desire and the best possible outcome, instead of what we’re angry about or afraid of. In the garden and in our lives, it’s not the easiest thing to do.

It’s far more comfortable to slip into complaints or diatribes about what’s wrong. This is how many talk radio hosts make their living after all… It’s easier to focus on those things that we’re unhappy or fearful about than it is to place our attention on moving forward.

I could write a long blog post about our long-lasting winter and my worries that the Chicago Hardy Figs, or the hydrangeas, might not do well given this season’s cold temperatures. It’s not as easy to create an article about embracing difficult weather and uncertain outcomes.

The point made by a character in Chapter 39 of Suttons Harbor is that wars will not be stopped by people who hate war, but by those who love peace. I’m reminded tonight that thriving gardens won’t be grown by those who are at odds with the seasons, but by those who welcome nature just as it is.

Worrying about whether the winter temperatures has killed the Hydrangea buds doesn't do any good. Hating the winter cold won't change the seasons. Maybe loving things just as they are is the percentage play?

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